Rawhides into premium leather

We are a traditional, third-generation family business, that focuses on production of high-quality leathers used for premium leather products.

Nordic Elk Leather

Our most popular product is Nordic elk leather, which has a richness that makes it stand out among all other leathers.

High quality

We work hard to ensure that every lot leaving Kokkolan will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Mongolian Yak Hides

Lately we wanted to extend our product line with a leather similar to the elk hides, but with more durability and tensile strength. That is when the yak leather came naturally to us.

  • Leather
    for over
    50 years!

  • 1950

    Our Business was Born

    For generations the tradition and knowhow of preparing leather has been passed down from father to son, from master to apprentice here. In 1957 the grandfather of the current managing director sat up a company with his business partner. The company was called Rukkastuote.

  • 1950-1970

    Glove Production for Finnish Market

    Initially the company focused on producing gloves for the Kokkola region in western Finland. In the 1960s the business soon expanded to cover the entire country.

  • 1980

    Exporting Garment Leather

    Sheep nappa leather became a popular material for garments, which opened a new era of possibilities in the history of the company. Sheep nappa was exported to other Nordic countries and to the Soviet Union. In 1984, the company changed its name from Rukkastuote to Kokkolan Nahka Oy.

  • 1990-2000

    Elk, Reindeer and Deer Leather for the Global Market

    Kokkolan Nahka focused on rare elk leather in the 1990s. This leather became a popular material for footwear in the United States, followed by Europe and the rest of the world. The number of elk leathers produced has already exceeded 1,250,000. The company continued to specialise in Nordic game animal leathers into the 21st century when the production of reindeer and deer leathers also started.

  • 2010-

    Yak Leather With Mongolian Herders

    In 2013 Kokkolan Nahka Oy acquired Geson Oy, which has operated as a subcontractor and been responsible for tanning the hides. After this acquisition, the entire production process is managed by Kokkolan. Lately in 2014 Kokkolan started the journey of making Yak Leathers in co-operation with mongolian herders.

  • New

Elk leather - a sustainable choice

Nordic Elk Leather

Our most popular product is Nordic elk leather, which has a richness that makes it stand out among all other leathers.

Elks are wild animals not needing any human made resources. They find all of their needed resources in the clean nature. The hunting is controlled by the government, so the elk population is kept at sustainable levels. The skins are bi-products, which means they would go to waste. When we buy the skins from hunting clubs they use the money to pay for costs occurring during hunting season. The hunters usually keep the meat for themselves.

Elk Leathers

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Yak Leather - Exceptional tensile strength

Yak from Mongolia

The Yak hides have exceptional tensile strength and are considered abrasive resistant. The hide has evolved to what is called ”A shelter for all seasons” with thin, light, compact, woven collagen fibres and a fine closed grain, a leather for the toughest of conditions.

Yaks are among the largest bovids in shoulder height and it’s physiology is adapted to high altitudes, exceeding 3000 meters. It has adjusted to the climate for over thousands of years which has given its hide some very unique characteristics.

Find more about our project with the Yak leathers and Mongolian herders by watching the video below.

Yak Leathers

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